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“We live in betwixt and between times,” says Michael Meade, as he considers the uncertainty and disorientation that so often characterize contemporary life. After drawing connections to ancient ideas of the thresholds of initiation, Meade tells an unusual and deeply personal story from his own youth. The result is a rare look into the territory of initiation where trials and obstacles can lead to a deeper understanding of the nature and purpose of one’s life.

Certain things happen to each person. Those things interrupt the daily flow of time and life in order to open us to something greater. Unfortunately they are felt initially as painful loses, as illnesses, as experiences of danger or rejection that put us in a separate place. We have to be separated from everyone else in order to learn who we actually are. The process of that is initiation.

Listener Comments

"Michael Meade is a true gift in my life and healing force in our crazy world.  I listen faithfully for the wisdom and insights he shares and find his weaving of ancient mythology and the modern psyche a reassuring voice for true soulfulness."

"This podcast has become one of the most valued influences on my life.  It helps me make sense of the world around me and the vast world within me.  I highly recommend 'Living Myth' for anyone who has a soul yearning to keep a finger on the pulse of humanity."

"I'm so grateful to have found this podcast.  The way Michael Meade weaves myth and applies it to the current times we live in really helps me to navigate the challenges I've faced."

"These mini essays connecting myths to our current culture inspire me on a daily basis to choose gratitude, humility and forgiveness and sparks me to engage in creative, imaginative acts for others."             


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