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This episode of Living Myth focuses upon the growing distance between the speeding up of time in the modern world and the lost connection to time eternal.  Michael Meade tracks the fall of time from its ancient connection to the timeless expanse of night to its breaking down into minuscule bytes and bits. After considering the workings of the sundial, he follows the fall of time into the sands of the hourglass and the surprising origin of alarm clocks in practices of prayer in the dark ages intended to prevent the end of the world.  All along, the story of time has been secretly trying to find again the connection to “once upon a time” and the blessing of time’s secret relation to all that is eternal and able to restore and renew the world.

When people feel that nobody has any time, when no one can find the time, it is the ancient connection to the timeless unseen realms that is missing. When time is running out and the end of time seems near, the only way to find more time is to find eternity again. All of time comes from the eternal and the ends of time are secretly connected to the roots of eternity.

Listener Comments

"Among the best 21 minutes I've given anything recently."

“I cannot recommend this podcast more highly. It is true art/poetry/story medicine and an antidote for the divisive messages surrounding us.”

"Love the podcast and never miss an episode!  Sometimes I find myself replaying an episode multiple times to really let it sink in."

"Meade knows his stuff.  He knows the expansive world of myths, imagination, fairy tales and poetry.  By drawing on his knowledge he gives an inspiring and fresh perspective on what's happening politically, environmentally and spiritually."


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