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This episode of Living Myth begins in the sorrowful aftermath of the latest mass shooting in  America. The dark atmosphere becomes compounded by the realization that the United States is now the only country in the world that has not signed the Paris Climate Accord.  After considering the grief and fear caused by the procession of tragedies and the practices of denial, Meade turns to the old idea of the Friends of the Soul as a way for people to find meaningful levels of support and encouragement in the midst of these troubling times. He draws upon ancient traditions from around the world to bring back to life the sense that we need soul friends, whether it be in the form of a confidant or companion, a mentor, teacher or lover.

If we are to survive the flood of tragedies and growing climate threats it becomes more important than ever that we find genuine Friends of the Soul. If we are to create a collective transformation of culture we need genuine friends who can help nourish our inner spirit and sustain the true aim of each other’s lives.

Ancient traditions around the world include the idea that each soul has an inner spark of life that grows by being seen, acknowledged and supported by others. Thus, a true friend is not simply someone who is “like-minded,” but someone who sees something deep and meaningful in us, who becomes an ally of one’s reason for being alive.

Listener Comments

"Brings me in stillness and silence - hits the mark."

“A strong voice for clarity and understanding.”

"Michael Meade is always full of wisdom!"


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