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This episode of Living Myth begins in the midst of all the chaos in the world that includes terrorism, misogyny, bigotry and social injustice.  It tracks the origins of human resentment and misdeeds to a shared alienation that derives from the loss of a meaningful cosmology and a shared mythology.  A consideration of the universal dynamic of chaos and cosmos leads to the edge of the world where the human soul waits for a new vision of the interconnectedness of all life. This is a time that requires the transformation of the collective as well as the awakening of the deep self of the individual.

Without a felt sense of cosmology people begin to feel lost in space and abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Without a working cosmology and a regenerative mythology, life can lose its sense of purpose, causing the inevitable struggles of existence to seem completely random and pointless. It is not that a shared mythology or cosmology takes suffering out of the world, it is more that it makes us aware that everyone suffers and it gives a ground of being on which to find meaning in the troubles of the world.

Listener Comments

“Meade knows his stuff.  He knows the expansive world of myths, imagination, fairy tales and poetry.  By drawing on his knowledge he gives an inspiring and fresh perspective on what's happening politically."

“The stories and perspective offered in this podcast are so refreshing and needed in the world we live in today.  Thank you for this soothing balm to my soul!"

“I listen to a ton of podcasts and this is, hands down, a must hear podcast in these times of chaos, polarized politics and discrimination.  Michael Meade is a voice of reason, caring, deep insight and understanding that people on all sides can appreciate.  It feels like Meade is a voice in the wilderness so very much needed at this moment.”


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