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This episode of Living Myth focuses upon abuses of power and the shadow that forms when power is given to those who remain unconscious of their own wounds and neediness.  Michael Meade follows an ancient story into the village under the world where a person in power undergoes a ceremony of cleansing and healing.

Those who rise to great heights and handle power have need for repeated healing if they are to develop some inner nobility. For whoever rises closest to the light must also cast the greatest shadow. Whoever would become elected would best submit to continual cleansing and healing or else suffer a great fall when the shadow erupts and the inner decay becomes revealed.

Listener Comments

“These talks by Michael Mead weaving mythic story with today's events are terrific! Gives an alternate way to understand things."

“Deep and so profound! Loved the podcast!"

“If the blandishments of popular culture make you ill, and the political scene in D.C. scares you, if you think there's got to be something more than 'this', then LISTEN TO THESE PODCASTS. I can think of a philosopher who is able translate all of this insanity into something that actually makes sense.  Deep, rich and wise.”


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