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Awakening to one’s inner story and finding life-long initiatory paths comprises the “real work” and genuine opus of our lives. The problem is that the exact paths of awakening are blocked by received ideas, early life traumas and over-adaptation to the needs of others. In the long run however, genuine transformation is the secret aim of all the tensions and troubles we encounter. When in touch with the soul’s mythic thread we can find the arts and practices, the aims and meanings that allow our souls to grow deeper, our imagination to expand and our spirits to awaken. Living consciously and mindfully means finding creative ways to deliver, to a world ruled by scarcity and fear, the living truth of our lives and the inner abundance of the soul.

Seattle, WA

Saturday, May 18, 10:30 - 4:00 pm :: Registration: $100

2019 Retreats with Michael Meade


 A Retreat for Younger and Older Men
August 13 - 18, Mendocino, CA

Certain rites of passage require that everything seem upside down or collapsing in order that the esoteric or inner realm of soul might fully awaken. Seen this way, there is a growing collective trauma in the world, but also the seeds of a collective initiation waiting to happen.

At times of radical change in both individual and collective life, it becomes important to see everything differently; not simply adjust our view of things, but learn to see the world anew.  Ancient traditions referred to this kind of awakening of the underlying soul as opening the "eyes of initiation."

Opening the inner eyes begins to reveal the true aim and natural path our souls would have us take. Transformation at the level of the individual soul generates the imagination and collective energy needed to change the conditions of the world.

In the midst of an ancient forest, using stories and poems, honest speech and creative imagination, we will take an initiatory approach to the struggles of individual life and to the collective challenge of living through a time of radical disorientation and change.

A Retreat for Women, Men, Mentors and Teachers, Artists and Activists
September 12 - 15, Port Orchard, WA

Life is change and each life crisis offers adventure or complacency, as we either become a greater vessel for the flow of creation or else shrink from life. Ultimately, the heart of the human drama concerns whether we are moving towards greater life or moving away from it.
Like a long-lived snake, we are asked to shed old skins of what we thought we were in order to become our genuine self.

Each shedding reveals more of who we are at our core, while each turning away from the call of the soul leaves us less able to contribute love and meaning to the world around us. 
A life fully lived requires that we redeem unwanted and rejected parts of ourselves, as solving the pressing problems in the outer world requires a transformation of the inner world. The deeper the connection to our true self becomes, the deeper and stronger our connection to both nature and the divine can also become.

Join us on this path of discovery made of stories and poems, honest speech and creative imagination, as we take an initiatory approach to the struggles of individual life and to the collective challenge of living through a time of radical disorientation and change.

“To be alive at this time means to be caught in the great unraveling that strands us near all the loose threads of creation; but it also means to be close to the revelation of the new design and the next paradigm. In facing up to the enormous problems of the world and accepting the troubles that knock on our doors, we can better learn what hidden resources, deep resolves, and surprising designs we have hidden within us.”

- Michael Meade, "Why the World Doesn't End"