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This episode begins with the old idea of three intersecting layers of life. The first layer includes the basic courtesies and practices of daily life. The third layer involves the deeper sense of joy and love as well as a genuine sense of belonging and spiritual fulfillment. The problem is that the only way to go from the limited surface of life to the deeper ground of spirit and soul is to pass through the second layer. The second layer seethes with turmoil and disruption and it boils with fear, anger, resentment and other “negative emotions”. In this historic moment the turmoil of the second layer seems to be flooding into the surface level of life. The question is whether that places us closer to the healing of the third layer or just closer to oblivion.

Most people feel they will lose themselves in the troubles of life, but the truth is we only find ourselves in these troubles. As they say, ‘A person can only go as high as they grow deep.’

Listener Comments

“I cannot recommend this podcast more highly. It is true art/poetry/story medicine and an antidote for the divisive messages surrounding us.”

“Meade's informed and educated spell-binding storytelling is aimed to comfort and guide us through these Troubled Times. One of my faves!”

"Such profound insight into the Time that is Now. Thank you, Michael!” 


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