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This episode includes a mythological and cosmological tour of the many realms in which we live. This mythic survey includes the discovery of seven new planets in a nearby galaxy, it touches upon the chaos happening in the White House at the center of our American universe, then descendsinto the inner cosmos of the human soul, a place that remains surprisingly equal to everything that exists in the world outside.

Meade arrives at the idea that each person has a deeper name inscribed in their soul, a name that is connected to the script of the story they came to live, and there is no better time to live out the story inside the soul than this time that is a mixture of cosmic order and chaos, what James Joyce called the “chaosmos”.

The point of tension and conflict in this world is to generate a third and creative thing. Whenever there is an intense polarity, what is really trying to happen is a deeper awakening that produces the third thing that no one saw until the tension became great enough.

Listener Comments

“Beautiful! Well said, brought tears to my eyes. Very enlightening! Thanks for sharing.”

“'The eternity of the starry night dwells in each of us.' ~ Michael Meade, as always, brilliantly insightful as to the times we are in."

"Brilliant...soulful medicine for these strange times.” 


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