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This episode begins begins with a consideration of all the conflicts in the world and how the underlying oppositions of life become increasingly revealed before us.  Michael Meade uses the sense of increasing polarization as an indication that something deeper and more unifying is also trying to appear.  Amidst the growing uncertainty, he suggests it is important to find meaningful paths to follow and soulful ways to live.  Using old stories about spiritual conflicts of belief, he works his way towards the ancient Tree of Life and the old idea of the Great Way and how the many ways of art and practice are intended to lead us to the unifying tree at the center of life.

Amidst all of the uncertainty and increasing threats of the world, it is important to find a way. And it is necessary to begin with a way that makes sense to a person and the way their psyche is shaped, and the way their soul is aimed, and the way they see things when they try to see things in a bigger way. And yet, to only see it one way can likely lead to being stuck on the way instead of finding the way from the little way to the Great Way.

Listener Comments

“If you feel discouraged about the state of the world, PLEASE listen to Michael Meade's "Living Myth" podcasts! He brings those who can hear back to center because he speaks Truth to Power!"

“The stories and perspective offered in this podcast are so refreshing and needed in the world we live in today.  Thank you for this soothing balm to my soul!"


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