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This episode begins with a distinction between signs and symbols, specifically the sense that a sign points to something evident whereas a symbol can connect to the mysteries of life and death.  In the aftermath of the most recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, and amidst the ongoing tragic conditions in Puerto Rico, Michael Meade talks about the necessity of having a meaningful practice for finding psychic grounding and places of stability.  He also laments that the battle between life and death has become the story of modern culture and argues for the necessity of “living symbols” that connect us to the enduring presence of the other world and the deep imagination that is the genuine legacy of the human soul.

In the modern world we find ourselves at the crossroads over and over again because we are in the crux of this battle between life and death. How much tragedy does it take for people to awaken to how much wounding is going on all the time, and how unsafe everyone feels?

Listener Comments

“If you feel discouraged about the state of the world, turn to Michael Meade!"

“The most powerful podcast yet."

"Especially good listen for all those in our community who have struggled or continue to struggle to reconcile their relationship to guns."


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