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This episode begins with the idea that we suffer a mutual fate of living in a time of tragedy and trouble, and yet, the way through the troubles of the world must depend on upon an individual thread of fate set within each person.  Although the thread of fate implies limitation in each person’s life, it also ties each person to a destiny waiting to awaken.  In order to illustrate the dynamic of limitations and calling, Michael Meade tells the story of how he came to write the book called “Fate and Destiny”. 

There may be no greater time than these troubled times for understanding how the exact limits of an individual life can lead to the specific destiny that was the aim of that life from the beginning.  As Meade says, “destiny is purpose seen from the other end of life.”


Fate is exactly that which limits us and destiny is that great thing to which we are called, and we have to struggle with the fate in order to get closer to the destiny.

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“Highly recommend this Podcast: Living Myth. The entire series is wonderful and this show in particular elucidates ideas of Spirit/Soul - Masculine/Feminine beautifully."

"So good, so illuminating, so grounding. Listen when you have the chance. "


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