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This episode takes place in the open moment that is both the aftermath and devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the imminent arrival of another catastrophic storm. Amidst the nightmare of overwhelming storms come political actions that threaten the future of the Dreamers with nightmares of their own. In the face of worldwide adversity and uncertainty it takes a certain kind of blindness and cruelty to reject the young dreamers; for no one knows who carries the seeds of the dream trying to be born after the storms have passed.

Using poetry and ancient myths, Michael Meade points out that when the whole thing seems about to fall apart, revelations of the deep self and the deep dream of life might be closer than ever. The threat of collapse and utter loss can also provoke a deeper sense of the unity of life where nothing but our total involvement and soulful inclusion will work.

Each soul sails forth from the unseen on a dream that carries it across the threshold into life. The inner dream is the vessel for each uniquely shaped, and when the seas of change and the times of loss sweep over the world again, it is the inner dream of life that must be awakened.

Listener Comments

“Outstanding! Thank you so much for making this available to everyone!!! Exquisite!"

“Michael Meade's podcasts and readings are a continuing source of inspiration for us at Soul Quest Canada, and his latest, "Storms of Change" speaks to the deep opening that is so necessary at this time; an opening into the realms of myth and poetry; and opening into the deepest recesses of our own souls. Beautiful, powerful and essential."

"Important stuff to me... and perhaps to you as well. A way of healing and growth..."


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