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This episode takes place during the record-setting rainfall of Hurricane Harvey and the tremendous tragedy and displacement that follows the storm. Michael Meade uses the metaphors of the tough-minded and tender-hearted as ways of understanding the two sides of heroic efforts to save people and survive the disasters of life. Using James Joyce’s idea of living in the time of 'chaosmos', Meade looks into the eye of the storm of tragedy in search of the underlying nobility of the human soul and its capacity to survive by the surprising elements of altruism and cooperation.

Like our ancestors, we each bear a mixture of tough and tender ways of being, as both attitudes have proven to be necessary for human survival and for sustaining human cultures. The question is not so much which one is better, as much as which qualities are most needed at this time.

Listener Comments

The way Divine wisdom channels through Michael Meade is so poetic and graceful...powerful and profound.  I can feel truth in my body every time I listen in.  I am so grateful for this podcast as it has proven to be one of the best ways for me to understand and integrate genius."

"So good, so illuminating, so grounding. Listen when you have the chance. "

"Myth combined with the current political and cultural situation is so helpful.  Michael Meade is a great voice, even reassuring while he's telling us the truth and he uses a wide angle lens."


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