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Drawing from relevant and compelling archival audio and building on themes from last week's podcast, Michael Meade tells an old and timely story from Japan while arguing for a poetic response to conflict, uncertainty and fear. Meade suggests that genuine peace requires a poetic basis, a relearning of ways to weave the fragile fabric of culture with threads of imagination, meaning, and healing; not a quick fix or a simple protest, but a reclamation of radical roots and practices that affirm and nourish the genuine spirit of humanity. This is the real battle, the battle for beauty and meaning trying to break through the spells of the obvious and the fogs of war.

The solution to getting out of the prison that we each carry in our lives, that we all carry collectively in cultural life, is found in the depths, in the darkness below; in the place we don’t want to go, in the place we were told we shouldn’t go.

Listener Comments

“Michael Meade is my go-to for SANITY's sake in these extremely Troubled Times -- he KNOWS!"

“The genius of Michael Meade in these precarious times. A podcast well worth hearing."

"So good, so illuminating, so grounding. Listen when you have the chance. "

"Just when it all becomes too much, Michael Meade shines a light on possibility..."


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