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The latest podcast begins with an old tale of an eagle that grew up believing it was a chicken. Michael Meade then considers the necessity of a second birth that frees the spirit and the soul. Being born is a kind of miracle of life; especially in the sense that each soul that enters this world is unique and never to be repeated. Yet, in order to be fully alive a person must be born a second time. The second birth involves the cracking open of the shell of the little self and a conscious awakening to the inner nature of the individual soul.

It is never enough to simply fit in or just survive; for the soul aims at a destiny from the beginning. A culture that views success in simple terms of money or power will lack the imagination and vision necessary for shaping a meaningful and inclusive future. What really changes the world and what saves us from chaos and despair is the revelation of the spirit within us and the genuine expression of our own souls.

Hidden within the egg of the little self is a genius self that longs to awaken fully and learn to express its true nature. Thus a second birth is required for a person to be fully born into this world. The second birth involves the awakening of the unique individual soul and the lifting of the inner wings of spirit. A person who does not awaken to the true nature of their life can easily become like the eagle chick with only a vague vision of flying and never really leaving the barnyard of life.

Listener Comments

“Pretty much everything that Michael Meade touches is pure gold - such passion and wisdom in his engagement with soul. This podcast explores the wisdom born within - the deepest sense of meaning, purpose and identity that we all have, but too often we forget. "

“This is a wonderful podcast by master storyteller Michael Meade offering wisdom and insight into understanding and addressing the seemingly complex and intractable problems of our world. A great listen!"

"Michael Meade is such a good story teller. He makes some profound statements through myths. To me His podcasts are enjoyable and many times enlightening. I really like this particular podcast."


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