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This episode of Living Myth begins with the old Irish idea that we can experience the world in opposing states called “the glam and the gloom.” The world has glamour when it shines with beauty and wonder, but it also has shadows and gloomy depths which can be experienced as anxiety, grief, and sorrow. Michael Meade connects this old idea to the current condition of the world where the constant drumbeat of troubles ranging from climate disturbances to political devastations creates more gloom in the form of fears and sorrows and even despair.

Antidotes for this modern condition are found in an old myth from India. The story begins when the god Vishnu dreams up the world while sleeping on the cosmic ocean of night. When the first human sage falls out of the dream of life, he winds up lost in the ocean of despair. Surprisingly, the sage finds a dream in the depths of his own soul that gives him both buoyancy and a spiritual orientation. That leads the storyteller to describe the ancient paths of spiritual practice that may once again be the way to find the touch of the divine and the dream of life. 

There are worlds inside that are greater than the worlds outside.
— Rumi

Listener Comments

“I highly recommend this episode. Michael Meade relates the wisdom of Greek mythology to current culture as lived by both young and old. Universal truths and traditional wisdom as they apply to America today, including healthcare reform and environmental conservation."

“A poetically rich description of the Tao of Spirit within and without, of inspiration and despair, of the fundamental nature of mental health - a unifying mythos. Thank you.”

"Just when it all becomes too much, Michael Meade shines a light on possibility..."


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