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This episode begins with the increasing tension between North Korea and the United States. The war of words between the two nations takes place with the threat of nuclear attacks in the background as levels of collective anxiety rise throughout the world.

In addition to all the politics and history involved, there can be an unconscious stirring of the elemental polarity between the contrasting world views of the Orient and the Occident. Michael Meade shows how East and West, aligned with the rising and setting sun, can also represent a beginning and end-- revealing an even deeper opposition than the North/South divisions that afflict countries like Korea, Vietnam, Ireland, etc.

As this opposing tension mounts, Meade digs deeper, looking for the third thing that can hold beginning and end together and also provide the imaginative ground needed to find new ways to shift the world-wide tensions into creative directions.

The point of tension and conflict in this world is to generate a third and creative thing. Whenever there is an intense polarity, what is really trying to happen is a deeper awakening that produces the third thing that no one saw until the tension became great enough.

Listener Comments

“A marvelous insight from a gifted, current author.”

“A beautiful and eloquent articulation of so many things in the world right now. ”

"Something that seems invaluable to remember today. This has been my experience, when we hang in the tension long enough for the third thing to be born."


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