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Michael Meade addresses the upcoming inauguration, the deeper meaning of the word inaugurate and how, at this critical time, we are each called to follow the thread of our soul and be agents of ongoing creation.

Under the omens of what I think is an ill-fated inauguration, it may be a mistake to give our power too much to someone who wants power so much. That part of the world may go in a reckless direction now, and the institutions may rattle right to the ground, and things may have to be re-imagined. We then wind up in a situation where we have a choice. Do we fall victim to the fears and allow outside forces to determine the quality and meaning of our lives? Or do we turn to the idea that each person carries the meaning, value and purpose of their life inside themselves. Do we begin to imagine a different world in which the values that are most dear to us are the things that we are working at and working for. This creates the opportunity for how we imagine ourselves as active agents of this ongoing recreation of the world, for even as things fall apart other things come together.

Originally, the word inauguration meant: “to install and consecrate under good omens.” The time for an investiture would only be set after an augury or reading of the flight of birds revealed good omens for the occasion. In the modern world important dates tend to be set far in advance and the omens, good or bad, only become revealed as the day draws near.

Listener Comments

“The most powerful, timeless and timely insights I've heard on the inauguration and a call to use our genius to build the best possible world.” 

“Simultaneously galvanizing and comforting, I cherish these reflections by Michael Meade on this inauguration of this perilous new journey our planet is embarking on this demented presidency.” 

"I love this! As things appear to be unraveling all around you, find that loose thread and hang on tight!"



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