Michael Meade draws upon one of the oldest manuscripts in the world, a 4,000 year-old papyrus scroll in which a world weary man argues with his “Ba soul.” The man feels deeply troubled by the increase of injustice, the spread of greed and loss of civility in life.

Amidst growing anxiety and despair at the fate of his culture, he considers ending his own life.  His soul speaks back to him, encouraging him to honor the gift of life he has been given. Not only that, but to turn to the ground of his soul and learn the nature of the message he was sent to deliver to this world.

The ancient script sounds contemporary as we also live at a time of dissolution and cultural anxiety. The Ba soul is a reference to the uniqueness in each of us that would have us become our true self. Michael uses the old lament to show how these things have happened before and how the deep soul always calls us to live a bigger life despite and because of the troubles that we face in the world.

Set within the seed of the soul is not just a fleeting image or a vague pattern but a lifelong story enfolded within, waiting to be cracked open and lived all the way out. Rather than the question of which kind of career to choose or the dilemma of what kind of person to become, the true issue is how to give birth to the life-seed that the soul already carries within.

Listener Comments

“I really enjoyed this podcast. To know that this ancient world weary man was struggling with his culture's pressing issues and experiencing the kind of anxiety so many of us experience today felt comforting somehow. And to know that he sought meaning and solace by calling on his deep soul invites us to do the same. Thank you Michael for bringing this ancient poem to all of us when we so desperately needed it.”

“Thank you Michael. A most inspiring way to stay present to the present and be conscious of our soul's purpose.”

"One of the best podcasts available today. If you've somehow missed it...check it out!"


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