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This episode begins with a contemplation that expands the notion of Earth Day, steps into ancient ideas about the qualities of earth energies, and touches on the element of earth as it exists in our own body, in our psyche and especially our heart. The episode ends with a dramatic story about the Old Grandmother Eagle willing to sacrifice herself in order to bring all the people who are fighting with each other back into the deep rhythm of this earth.

An old image holds the Earth to be like a great drum. When we walk on it, especially if we walk with consciousness and an instinctive awareness of the gift of life that we have each received, then we are playing the drum of the Earth with our feet. If that sense of consciousness and awareness can be awakened in enough people, a kind of intensification of being could occur and we could find ourselves coming closer together and being closer to the beating heart of the Earth itself.

Listener Comments

“I always enjoy the cadence of Michael Meade's mythic poetic storytelling...this captures deep time of Earth's Heart."

"Thank you Michael Meade. Deep touch of the heart."

"Michael Meade is totally unique. He brings timeless insights you will not get anywhere else.  His work gives me hope in these dark times that we live in."


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