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Michael Meade takes the old notion of the Gordian Knot and handles it both mythologically and as a way of looking at the Syrian knot - the ongoing tragedy unfolding in Syria. He connects each to the idea of a wasteland, that once it starts, can spread in all directions and he concludes by offering antidotes that have to do with the authenticity of the soul of each person.

A sacred knot has been sewn into each heart; it holds the elements of our authentic life and also holds a truth about the world. Each of us has come to life to learn to untie the unique knot set within us and unfold the dream that it holds. The hardest thing in life may be to learn to truly trust that there is something noble and generative in ourselves.

The Arabic word for belief derives from a root that can mean “to tie together, to knot” or more gently, “to join together, to make an agreement.” There is a subtle difference found at the roots of belief where one stem can tie a person in knots, while the other is secretly connected to the underlying union of life.

Listener Comments

"I cannot recommend this enough. Seriously it will help with political depression. 'Find your inner genius. We all have it. Let's reweave the world.'"

“Explanation and witnessing..he also speaks in another podcast about the second layer we are all living in..war and devastation and how we need to go beyond it to a noble third layer which We are all One strives to are all part of the growth of that third layer of hope unity love beyond the pain."

"Meade's is one of the sanest voices on the planet right now -- please take a few and give him a listen, he's a spellbinding storyteller of the highest order!"


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