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Michael Meade addresses diversity, the genius myth compared to the heroes myth and how we can respond to challenge at a soul level.  Just as no two trees are the same, each person born is a unique soul with a specific way of viewing life and being in the world.  The Genius Myth suggests that diversity is essential to humanity, just as it is the essence of a growing forest or ecological system.  From the soul’s radical view, the turbulence of the world can stir the genius seed within us and help reveal the true reason we each came to life. Being true to one’s genius path in life becomes a potent antidote to all the lies and falsehoods in the world.

On one level we are but a speck of life in an immense universe and on an uncertain world. On another level we are each a unique torch bearer, each carrying the essential flame of life, the genius burning inside, and each capable of bringing a little bit of magic and a little touch of creation to a world in dire need of awakening and renewal.

Listener Comments

“Joseph Campbell Foundation friend and colleague Michael Meade Mosaic Voices is offering wonderful material on his podcasts. We thought we'd share, in case you didn't know about him and his work. Enjoy!”

“I find the insights and wisdom or Michael Meade of great value for making sense of a turbulent world.”

"The insights into our chaotic times through a mythic lens is priceless and very necessary."


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