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Following an ancient myth from India, Michael Meade uncovers old ideas about the troubles in the world and human creativity. One idea is that trouble and conflict are not in the world to diminish or harm us, as much as to push us to a greater sense of creativity. The story shows that offering a helping hand to those more endangered than ourselves, can alter our connection to nature and to the divine hidden in this world. Myths try to remind us that the divine is always nearby and trying to get our attention. The problem is that we must listen for the little voices and bend down to find the roots of survival and threads of imagination that otherwise might be lost.

A meaningful dilemma will keep returning at deeper and deeper levels until a creative solution is sought and consequently becomes discovered. It is as if the basic split in the world must be touched before the hidden third and unifying thing can be uncovered.

Listener Comments

“Michael Meade is a sage and guru for what is happening in our world right now. His genius storytelling filled the cracks of my soul with light and healing."

“I find the insights and wisdom or Michael Meade of great value for making sense of a turbulent world.”

"Helpful perspectives on how to grow bigger and show up more than we may have done before."


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